Wednesday, April 22, 2009

David on Lonewolf Bronson

North Dakota Breakdown
By David Hurles

In the spring of 1984, Lone Wolf Bronson (as he styled himself) was discharged from the Army for drinking or insubordination. Soon he was spreading cheer in Los Angeles, and some fine cheer it was, too. He modeled, he wrestled, and he kept people company. We drove to San Francisco for a week. He was strong, self-assured, had a carefree easygoing nature and I never tired of his company; when I got bored, well, it was a good kind of bored. Lone Wolf was never greedy, never complained. Just 22 in 1984, he was 6’3” and 165 pounds, his physique was tight and hard, with almost no body fat, and boy did he have a cock worth remembering. As for sex, he loved experimenting, and he loved being top man, and being in control just came naturally to him, as nature clearly intended. He also loved a challenge, since that gave him something to do. After about six months, Lone Wolf just sort of disappeared. Twenty years passed. I never stopped thinking about him, and he had other fans, too. I stalked around on the internet in search of some clue. When a fan, who also had an obviously sincere appreciation for this man, asked me if I knew where he’d gone, I gave him what little info I knew about his origin in Alabama. It was only a short time later that I heard from the fan again. He had contacted Lone Wolf’s mother. And with a mother’s broken heart she explained that Lone Wolf was now serving a life sentence for murder, in North Dakota, far from home. I’m sure there are details I’ll never know anything about. I certainly felt safe with him many nights, totally vulnerable, even far from home. Life can be a long time, done day by day. I hope he’s making someone happy in North Dakota. He’s just 45 now.

Excerpt from "Old Reliable's Prince Charming Might be on Death Row". Box Magazine, Issue 6.2

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