Tuesday, June 9, 2009

David on Louis

By David Hurles

I spotted Louis walking on the street in Hollywood one day, and cruised around for a better look at him. He was dressed in a long sleeve thermal, revealing nothing, but I was certain he was someone of interest.

Louis was 5’11”, 180 pounds, and a former US Marine. The first time I photographed Louis I was captivated by the way the afternoon light reflected off of his silken pale skin and his light psycho blue eyes sparkled. Louis was open to everything, sexually and otherwise. He liked young men, old men, queens, and certainly liked women. He was fantastic sex, however brief (he usually got off too soon, although that never dampened his enthusiasm, and he could keep right on pressing on).

About 2001 he got into some trouble here in LA; shots were fired, the victim was also armed. Louis is doing more years than I can count in the California prison system. There have been a lot of murderers among my models, certainly higher than their representation in the population as a whole. But speaking for myself, I would rather hang out in a room full of murderers than a room full of politicians any day.

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