Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Early Springer

The last time I saw David he told me absolutely everything he remembered about Springer, which, by the way, was plenty. In fact, his recollection of Springer is so extensive that I can't say I remember half of what he told me. Springer was a regular Old Reliable model, one of those guys who just kept coming back. He was tough, but sweet, and he had a really nice ass. He was one of those guys who just had to fuck. The day wasn't complete if he didn't bust a nut. Springer was also a family man – insanely loyal to his wife and kids, who he lived with in David's garage. Sure it sounds a little strange, but just think off all the wacky family sitcom-style high jinks that must have ensued. "Who's the Boss?" aint got nothin' on Old Reliable.

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