Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Donate Today and Receive the "Basic Black" Brochure

Do you like your black dick basic? Are you sick of complicated cock? Do you consider yourself a kind and caring person? Do you love Old Reliable? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's your lucky day. Now, when you donate to the Old Reliable Fund, you'll receive more than just a little good Karma.

That's right folks, just for being a good person (and contributing $5 or more to the Old Reliable Fund) we'll send you the "Basic Black" brochure, pictured above. Featuring such beauties as Gary Matthews, T-Bone, and 'X', the "Basic Black" brochure is not only free but also collectible. So you win twice. It's like getting a blow job on your birthday! Now, doesn't that sound nice?

Just click on the donate button to the left and contribute to David's recovery and the preservation of the Old Reliable archives. When we receive your donation we'll email you for your mailing address. (Don't worry, it's all secure and you can use your Paypal account).

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