Sunday, August 2, 2009

Outcast, A Sneak Peek

It's finally here. The second volume of Old Reliable photos from Green Candy Press, appropriately titled Outcast, is now on sale at There's still not much information, but from what we gather this full-color publication is set to drop in early November. So if you're wondering what to get for that special OR fan in your life (for whatever winter holiday you might celebrate) look no further. Here's what Green Candy has to say about the book:

As a visual record of youthful male ambitions, the photographs of David Hurles vibrate with self-assurance and dangerous sexuality. Hurles, whose own history, recounted in this book, resonates with this same kind of gutter intensity as the images he created, began documenting drifters, grifters, and hustlers — men from America's hard underbelly — in the 1970s, through his legendary company Old Reliable. Hurles' style was unmistakable, downplaying technical polish in favor of the unvarnished emotional truth of his muscular, tattooed subjects. His ability to communicate with his models helped him elicit erotic presentations that no other photographer of his era could capture consistently. Outcast tells two fascinating stories — that of a determined gay artist who pioneered the dark mirror image of the "tasteful," artistic male nude; and a mosaic portrait of backstreet America via a group of anonymous young men who drifted into his life and before his camera, to briefly entertain and excite gay men before vanishing.

Okay, so the reference to "In Living Color" on the cover is, to say the least, a little weird, but how can you go wrong with 156 pages of those hard knock beauties that David so adored?


  1. I'm so glad to find this Blog and the fund for David Hurles.

  2. David Hurles was my favorite photographer/videographer, and YES He was magic! I understand I'm on 28. I'll have to get this book!