Saturday, January 9, 2010

Say Goodbye to the Old Reliable Store

Starting immediately the Old Reliable Store is closed!

No need to panic–David's movin' on up, supplying his work with much fancier accommodations. It's been a good year, and a lot of people have reached out to help, but we're happy to pass the torch. Where, then, will you be able to find Old Reliable? We're not at liberty to say, but you'll be the first to know when we are.

As far as David's health is concerned, he's doing OK–not great, just OK. He's still crazy about sweets–a peek in his bedside table revealed a stash of assorted candies and cookies, ranging from strawberry Hostess Cakes to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups–and his spirits are as high as they can be.

The last time I saw him, which was early December, I believe, I read to him from James Leo Herlihy's Midnight Cowboy, which, having been written about one of David's roughest old models, Barry Hoffman (pictured above sometime in his 50s), really struck a cord with him. A very creepy, and all too well described trailer park rape scene brought our man to tears. Afterward David took me on a trip down memory lane–more like Hollywood Blvd–where he imparted a real pearl, which was handed down to him from a wise old drag queen–something about fucking marines and praying to Jesus.

I don't do it justice, but it's in those moments with David that you realize just how superficial his handicap really is–he's still witty, charming and sharp, but his body just hasn't caught up with his mind. We know he is still a capable human being, now it's up to his body to prove it.

We salute David in his new ventures and we'd like to thank you for giving your support when David needed it most. We'll continue to update this blog with details about upcoming OR products and events, but, for now into the foreseeable future, you'll have to go somewhere else to buy Old Reliable.

Thank you, and goodnight.


  1. I'm am so saddened by hearing of David's stroke. How does one contribute David's recovery fund? I wish him a rapid recovery. David and I are close in age we were friends in the 70s, first in San Francisco, when he started out with his O.R. mail order audio tapes and photo sets (Old Reliable Tape and Picture Company). I was a frustrated erotic photographer at the time and worked for a porn publisher when I met him in '69 or 70. I later visited him in LA in mid and late 70s. David was a silent mentor, I met and played around at David's encouragement with some of his boys.

    I was always turned on by Davids video work and photography and in the early 90s after retiring from the corporate world, I picked up the camera again and it is amazing how he influenced my work. You can see my work at:

    If anyone could send me his address, I'd love to send him a card of encouragement, thanks and good will.

    Ron Williams -

  2. Uncle David;
    I continue to pray for your recovery. I hope things are going well. I hope you can find some happiness and I hope the people around you are helping you to find that happiness. God bless.