Tuesday, May 19, 2009

America's Most Eligible Inmate, No. 0001

"There have been a lot of murderers among my models, certainly higher than their representation in the population as a whole. But speaking for myself, I would rather hang out in a room full of murderers than a room full of politicians any day." - David Hurles, 2007

Murders, kidnappers, petty thieves, not so petty thieves, drunks, drug addicts, and, sure, a few upstanding citizens too; these were the men who fueled the Old Reliable fire. These unwitting hustlers were the inspiration for an entirely new, and sensational, representation of male sexuality.

Unlike the beefcake photography of his predecessors, David's work has the power to both entice and insight, owing in large part to his subjects. In a salute to the man who brought you such dangerous beauties as Lone Wolf Bronson and supposed serial killer, Cherokee, we're bringing you our picks for the most eligible inmates currently incarcerated in the good old US of A.

Bachelor No. 0001

Crime: Evading arrest in motor vehicle, assault on public servant
Punishment: 30 years
Age: 38
HIV Status: Negative
Interests: Art, Tattoos, Riding Harleys, Philosophy, Real Estate, Sports
Seeking: Attention all you dirty little tramps out there in search of a handsome, brown-eyes deviant top; look no further because you have found your man. If you are tired of all the routines of everyday life and are exhausted from that never ending quest for the stud who has the ability to control your every thought, feeling and emotion; then grab my hand. We will step into the sunset of what was, what is and what will be. I will give you one warning! I am aggressive and domineering and expect northing short of absolute adoration, respect and devotion. Anything less will not be tolerated in any shape or fashion.

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