Monday, November 2, 2009

David Hurles' Outcast - Nov. 2009 in Bookstore's Near You

With the recent release of David's new book, Outcast, and John Waters' upcoming reflections on his greatest influences, Role Models, due out early next year, Old Reliable continues to expand its reach over the world of dirty books. In Outcast, David gathers his favorite photographs along with an autobiographical intro, and short bios of the Hollywood hustlers he loved most. From what we've seen of John Waters' new book, it's a witty and enlightening homage to a group of filthy, depraved and thoroughly interesting human beings – one of them being David, or at least we hope. Barring some major oversight in editing, a 2006 interview between these two purveyors of 20th Century trash, should be the basis for a chapter on David. Role Models is still a ways off, but you can enjoy David in his own words now,


  1. Looks great! I have a question or two. How is Dave? What ever became of the "In Private" series. I own 1-5 and was hoping more would be released or at least more footage.

  2. someone needs to post a review of the book on AMAZON - and a few extra pics would help, too!

  3. Much agreed bj, we're just waiting to see a complete copy. Is it already shipping?