Sunday, April 19, 2009

Joe Gage Tackles Old Reliable

Warning: This post is not about the ultimate gay porn wrestling match, though I have filed that idea away under, 'Things to see before I die'.

If you're a die-hard Old Reliable fan, you probably already know that Joe Gage (aka Tim Kincaid) is working on a documentary about David Hurles' empire of rough trade. He actually finished interviewing David just weeks before he had the stroke. It may be one of the last interviews that David gives, and I can't wait to see the final product. I'm a big fan of the El Paso Wrecking Corp and Bad Girls Dormitory, one of a slew of low-budget exploitation ventures Gage (as Kincaid) directed in the 1980s, and having met Joe just a few weeks ago on trip to see David, I'm sure this as-of-yet untitled documentary will be as thought provoking as a conversation with David can be.

I have a feeling the documentary is still a ways off, but until then, Joe is working to digitize and release a portion of the Old Reliable video catalog. D/G Mutual Media just dropped the first Old Reliable DVD compilation, and it's got all the elements that made David famous. The Best of Old Reliable Vol. I features some of David's favorite models, like Springer, Scott, and Gentleman Dan, jerking off, flexing, and listening to classic rock. Really, as much as I love David's videos, and his men – Gentleman Dan really melts my heart – it's the casual atmosphere, and that killer soundtrack that's really got me hooked right now. You can see outtakes from The Best of Old Reliable Vol. I, and more of David's videos at the Joe Gage/Ray Dragon super site. Oh yes, and make sure to check back at Joe's blog for more about the upcoming documentary.

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